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Pet Holidy Has Added More Space and Upgraded It Facility!!!

Write By: Kevin Ballentine on

Pet Holiday is very excited about recently remolding its facility for your pet needs.  The expansion includes an in house grooming facility, kitchen, and laundry area.  The ability to have a hairstylist and groomer at the location makes us a step closer to a "one-stop service" for our customers.  
The newly designed kitchen is equipped with food storage areas that will help staff to organize and accommodate the nutritional needs of each individual breed.  Inside of the meal prepping area is a compact refrigerator, a deep freezer, and a heavy-duty dishwasher that will ensure your pets are safe from any unwanted germs or bacteria that might be lurking around their food bowl after eating. There are also stainless steel counter-tops for meal preparation to make it easier to clean.  Pet Holiday is also planning to offer healthy meal choices in the very near future for any customers who would like the convenience of having food available at the facility or want to incorporate health-centered food as a part of their pet's daily diet.   

In addition to the already existing 2,000 sq ft dog run, Pet Holiday has upgraded its facility with a new miniature dog run and outside holding area for your pets to enjoy.  The additional spaces will give your pet more free time to play outside and enjoy fresh air during those beautiful sunny days.


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