FAQ – Pet Holiday
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How does Pet Boarding work?

Pet Holiday has a three-step process to our pet boarding:

   1.Register online with details about you and your pet on our customer login link (click here to login)


   2. Schedule an assessment so that we can meet and discuss more. While you may be familiar with your pet(s) behaviors, routines, and habits, it is our first encounter. During the assessment, we observe traits such as body language, energy level, and features that help us to understand how to accommodate you and your pet. The most appropriate way to greet is by not initially petting, but always remaining calm and confident/ assertive.

  3. After we have had the opportunity to meet and are better prepared, please make a reservation online. 

Here are suggested methods to help you prepare for your pet(s) drop off:

    Tips that will help your pet during Pet Barding:

    •  Follow a scheduled feeding time 
      Meals are served twice a day, in the morning and in the evening.  You can do a lot to help prepare for this environment in the days before boarding.  First, establish (or reinforce) a scheduled mealtime.  A normal feeding schedule is limited to twice per day, once in the morning and evening.
      •  Place your pet(s) on a comfortable wind down routine by 8 PM 

      This process includes allowing your pet(s) to wind down and placing them in a designated sleeping areas for the night.  It is suggested that there is adequate time to rest after the evening meal.  This may also include discouraging any activities provokes excitement or hyper activeness.  A comfortable wind down routine by 8 PM will enable a quick acclimation to boarding process.

      How long can I keep my pet at your facility?

       Pet Holiday requires partial payment in advance for reservations pet in our care for more than 2 weeks.

       How do you monitor the facility?

       The boarding and dog run facilities are monitored by camera. We live on the premises which adds an extra element if security.

      How often will you walk my pet?

       Dogs walk 2 kilometers (1.24 miles) in the local area at least twice a day in fair weather. Walks occur in the morning and in the evening.

       Can I check-in on my pet(s)?

       Yes, for an additional fee, we can give you periodic updates. This usually includes pictures or videos, and some details about the stay.

      Can my pet have its own space?

       Private accommodations are provided upon availability under the Deluxe Package. This space is adequate for pet comfortability and promotes safe boarding practices.

      Can you administer medications or medical treatments to my pet?  

       Pet Holiday welcomes all pets.  This includes pets with disabilities.  Please help us to be prepared and send medical history information and details about medical needs before checking in to Pet Holiday.  Please ensure medications are clearly labeled with name, the correct dosage. Sending extra medication in case of an emergency is best.

       What is your policy on cancellations?

      We realize that plans do change and genuinely want to provide a sense of relief from cancelation fees. A full refund of the deposit is provided upon cancellation.

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